F*ck Amazon: Online Shopping Alternatives to Amazon

Online Shopping Alternatives to Amazon. Don't let Amazon collect data on you, shop local, or choose from better choices.

F*ck Amazon: Online Shopping Alternatives to Amazon
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The #1 alternative to Amazon is just going direct to the brand's website and buying from there. Amazon won't take a cut and gather data, and you will be supporting the brand you want to buy from by giving them a bigger cut of your purchase.

If you want other options that don't necessarily have name brands but aren't cheap Alibaba dropped-shipped shit, then pick from one below. I tried to keep the bigger players in retail out of the list, too, so more bespoke or sustainable options are listed or better alternatives.

There is also an audiobook section that gives a few Audible alternatives. (Amazon owns Audible)

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MicroCenter - They are kinda like Fry's electronics and are the GOAT for PC parts and electronics

B&H - A surprisingly big electronics and components choice. I bought my 5900X when it was first launched from here

TigerDirect - Mainly geared towards electronics and has been around for a long time

Newegg - One of the bigger players, and they have had their fair share of controversy, but worth listing

Food & Grocery

Thrive Market - (Membership Required) A marketplace geared towards small businesses and organic food products. From the website: "We are committed to bringing our members organic, non-GMO, sustainable, and non-toxic products for every lifestyle."

Hive - They primarily sell food but also have some home goods mixed in. They have criteria that all brands need to meet to be sold, focused on sustainability

Public Goods - A brand that sells food and home goods at wholesale prices and plants a tree for every order

Personal Care/Home Goods/Clothes

Food52 - Food52 is focused on kitchenware and goods and sells different brands, including their own branded products

Grove Collaborative - Grove Collaborative creates and curates 150+ brands that meet their 4-point "standard", mainly focused on sustainability

Made Trade - Made Trade is focused on selling ethical and sustainable goods and clothes. I will say, some of their products are pricey

Credo Beauty - Credo sells sustainable beauty products. It seems like it is mainly marketed toward women, but there look to be some Agendered products in their lineup. They also have some retail locations

The Little Market - A non-profit, bespoke home goods maker and seller mainly marketed toward women

Italic - (Membership Required) Italic focuses on white label luxury goods. They produce goods that are from the same manufacturer as luxury goods and sell them at a fraction of the price


They all sell books. (Amazon's original focus) And that is about it.

Your local library is also a great option, and they may even have magazines and audiobooks.




Powell's Books

Audio Books

Pretty straightforward, they sell audiobooks. Some require a membership and are indicated.



Scribd (Membership Required)


Vendazzo - A search engine for brands and items you can narrow down to your local community. The links to products take you to the product owner's website

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